La Péri

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You can create a magic atmosphere in your own home by serving your fabulous dinner, potluck, or simply food you have prepared with love for your own enjoyment, in hand-painted porcelain tableware from Pene de Măiastră – ready to browse and order from this site.


La Péri – The Fairy – embodies the playful spirit in my vegan interpretations of Persian-Asian cuisine. The Fairy herself was drawn in 2003 – shortly before my first brush with the vegan community in New Zealand – but she did not yet have feathered wings.

Pene de Măiastră, meaning “Phoenix feathers” in Romanian, is the collective name for the porcelain collections I design in terms of decoration. The Phoenix reference from Persia was chosen because the porcelain must be fired in a kiln for the colours to be permanently set. Likewise, the Phoenix bird is described as intensely beautiful, dressed in dazzling colours, and was the symbol of humanity as a whole – therefore a fitting image to the old dream of rebirth encapsulated in the compassion movement that this brand supports. The Romanian version of the Phoenix is a Master of Fairyland, depicted as androgynous, who flies heroes across different realms for them to gain the necessary insight (every skill in general is called măiestrie). In this sense the Măiastră is a psychopomp, a transitional guide – this role could be linked to giving someone a unique gift at an important moment in their life. Also because I am sometimes involved in therapeutic art workshops, a Phoenix represents the participants’ own hopes for healing and new beginnings.

Themes and motifs are predominantly inspired by my travels and by art history. Should you desire your own concepts to be transformed into a new theme, have a think and let me know by using the contact form.

The porcelain used at Pene de Măiastră is a mineral variety that contains no animal products, unlike some traditional porcelain (bone china) unfortunately does. A lot of careful research goes into ensuring that the cruelty-free standard is met at all stages of production. Likewise, the non-toxic standard is ensured by the technical process. The finished products are suitable for dishwashers, but not for microwave ovens if painted with gold or other metallic lusters.