Trespassing Challenge

This challenge involved creating a fan video for Adam Lambert’s single Trespassing. I set up a photoshoot using three different outfits and environments to represent two rebels who are in contradiction with their respective reality, as they fail to abide by its rules. Thus they discover keys of connection between them. The final image is of a joined reality in which both worlds are transformed, its style being inspired by Egypt. Also partly inspired by Adam’s video Better Than I Know Myself and by Zoroastrianism, this art project seems to involve the Tilted Earth Axis Theory, which I only discovered a few months later. The euphoria visible in the photoshoot is caused by that precise feeling, of raising the Djed (axis mundi), when I discovered there would be two judges, not one, ranking the video submissions…

Director & photographer: SMA. 2012

Lifting the Axis

Rebel 1

Rebel 2